Sunday, December 15, 2013

When we need to re-key our locks?

- When you buy a new house we recommend you to re-key/change locks combination.You never know how many copies and who has  keys for your house.
- If you have a sticky lock.What I mean by that. You have to jiggle the key to unlock/lock the lock or it is very hard to pull the key out or the key is stick in the lock and you can not get the key out of the lock.
- When you cut extra keys in different stores but they don't work on the lock. The possible reason is probably you cut your keys in the local corner store. Most of the time they are not using code machine to cut the keys by code and if their machine /which is a standard copy machine/ is not calibrated properly some of the key cuts are deeper and some of them are shallow, maybe the first copy it will work somehow but imagine making a key from that copy you end up with a different key cut and of course it won't fit the lock.
- When you change the room mates or tenants
Do not try to save money you may regret it at the end of the day.We are talking about your safety and security. Re-key the locks is the smarter way to go.