Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to choose Locksmith in Toronto?

There are couple of steps you have to follow to choose the right locksmith. First you have to do some research.What I mean by that is that there are couple of business directory sites with a lot of reviews on them for each company /Yelp,Homestars,Weblocal,Yellow Pages and so on/. Pick a company ,take your time and read the reviews for that company, then pick another 2-3 companies and compare the reviews. In my opinion those sides are very powerful tool and can give you an idea who these people are, how they are doing their job, how good they are and most important you have an image of the person coming to your house.  Next step is to check their web site and again take your time and read the content on the page. When you select a company or two, pick up the phone and ask questions. The most important question you have to ask is ''If this is the Total /final Price including all the charges?''. If you hear 15-35 dollars that may be only a portion of their service charges. Some locksmiths have service call charge then some additional charges and you can end up with 300-400 dollars bill, even more for something simple as lockout. Let say you want to re-key a lock and you call the locksmith for an estimate. If you hear something like ''the price varies depend on how many pins you have in the lock'' well if he doesn't know how many pins you have in the lock I think he is in the wrong business.
Of course  sometimes it  is hard to make an exact quote / If the job is bigger or the customer does not know exactly what kind of lock he/she has/ In that case you have to ask for a free estimate. What I mean by that is a technician physically to come to your place and estimate the work needed to be done and give you a proper quote. Of course you can always call Locksmith Care for a  quote without any  obligations .