Monday, January 26, 2015

What Makes A Good Locksmith & Why You Need To Find One Now Rather Than In An Emergency

No matter your postcode, if you type in your city or area name followed by the word “locksmith” in Google’s or Bing’s search bar, you’ll find out that the Internet is crowded with locksmith companies and services, each claiming to be the best in the field.  So how can you tell apart a firm that’s truly at the forefront of the security industry, employing experienced and professional lock specialists from unlicensed and rogue locksmiths? How can you have the peace of mind that your security is in the skilled and knowledgeable hands of a regulated professional?

It all starts with knowing what actually makes a good locksmith. Can you trust a locksmith just because he claims to have 10 years of experience replacing door locks or fitting news ones? How about a firm with a fancy website with fancy words? The answer is no. A company with years of excellence and experience in the security industry will showcase and advertise certain attributes.

-        Look for a locksmith approved by the industry for safety and security. The Internet is swamped with rogue locksmiths operating just about everywhere in the country. If a locksmith is not licensed, the chances that the individual is a lock and security solution specialist are slim.

-        In case of an emergency, how fast can you expect help? Any locksmith company worth its salt will endeavor to get you help within half an hour. A company who puts customer service first will also have emergency locksmiths that are available round the clock, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

-        Do they offer free and no obligation advice? How easy is it to make an inquiry or get a quote? This is actually an exceedingly important consideration and a very good indicator of whether you are dealing with a professional or rogue locksmith. A specialist locksmith will always help you with how to properly secure your home or business and give you a straightforward quote.

-        And finally, in the security industry, experience and expertise matter. Before you choose a locksmithing service, make sure that the company is reputable and backed with more than empty claims made in a passionate tone on their website. Look for customer reviews or visit the store if it’s local to get a sense of its credibility.

But in an emergency, you don’t always have the luxury of checking off each item on a checklist of what makes a good locksmith. For example, if your property got broken into or you misplaced your keys and got locked out of your house after a long day at work, all you would want to do is call the first number you come across on Google or Bing. And this is exactly what rogue locksmiths prey on. Desperation. Distress. Impatience. Hastiness. Carelessness.

A solution would be to have a company you can always turn to and a number you can always call in case of an emergency. Think about it. Why should it take a mishap or accident happening for you to look up the locksmiths in your local area and save the number of a reputable one? You can do that right now and have the peace of mind that you’re covered, should anything happen. 

How to choose a reliable and reputable locksmith, in an emergency situation or in advance

1. Beware of locksmith companies advertising ridiculously low prices

It’s simple: A man’s got to eat! Any locksmith company at the forefront of burglary prevention and the security industry will not advertise ridiculously low prices for high quality installation of locks and other security solutions and an excellent customer service. Pricing will be competitive but fair. For example, if you get locked out of your car or apartment, a professional emergency locksmith may charge you around $100. Someone advertising locksmithing services from $10 is obviously not reliable.

2. Does the company look legit?

Beware of companies that publish their information on online directories. Any legit locksmith company will have a website with a local address and a local telephone number that works. National companies that operate through call centers are not reliable. You want a privately owned and funded company because they are less likely to compromise on quality.

3. What payment options do they offer?

Another telltale sign of a rogue and unlicensed locksmith is a company or service that only accepts cash payments. A company that accepts and deals with credit cards is more reliable and likely to be more reputable and worthy of your trust.

4. Is it local?

An extension of number 2, if you are looking for an emergency locksmithing service, you want someone local so the ETA is reasonable. At the same time, you are less likely to overpay if the company is local because it involves less travelling and ergo, no surplus gas charges.

5. Are the locksmiths licensed?

Last but not least, make sure that the locksmith company you choose is licensed and approved by the industry for safety and security. You can’t just trust a random and more importantly unregulated locksmith to provide you with security services and solutions. You need to know that your property is in the right, professional hands.