Friday, July 4, 2014

Key Bumping - Find out Whether Your Home Is Protected or Not

What if there was a way for a thief to enter your home just as if he had a key? You might not have the only set of keys for your home! There is an insider secret that is very low-tech that the bad guys know about but you probably don't. It's called a bump key and anyone can order them on the Internet for less than $20.

This used to be a secret that was only known by burglars but recently, thanks to the Internet, anyone can find out how to use these keys to get easy access to your home. A simple Google search explains how to use them and this has given criminals the solution they need to gain easy access to most properties.

To open a door you simply need to bump the special key. It's a special modified key that can fit into any regular lock. It works by bumping the pins in the lock cylinder out of the way so that the key can spin the lock. News coverage outlets such as ABC news have been covering this story so that unsuspecting homeowners can take precautions.

The solution? High security locks
Your best defense against a home break-in is to use a high-quality lock. Not all security locks can be bumped and every consumer needs to know the differences between a regular lock and one that offers high security. A high-end lock is the only way to provide adequate protection against bumping. These locks are pick-resistance, cannot be bumped and offers control over key duplication. They use a floating pin technology that has been patented and criminals simply won't be able to break into any home that uses high security locks.

If you currently have an existing deadbolt, you should consider supplementing your home security with a secondary lock. A chain lock, Door Guardian or a Latch lock will help to keep your family and your possessions safe. Our trained locksmiths can show you the different locks available that can't be bumped. We carry a wide range of locks that can fit into your budget and work with your security needs.

Although it is an investment, installing a secondary lock is a necessity now. If your current locks aren't using floating pins, any burglar can gain easy access to your home by using a bump key. It only takes about 30 seconds to bump these keys and enter the residence. Neighbours that are watching will think that you have given somebody one of your keys and that he is just fiddling with the lock and keys to get inside. This is how fast a thief can break into your home and you, as a home owner, need to take the proper precautions to prevent your home from being an easy target.